My Philosophy and Process

I've found that there's no better way to get to know and understand one another than to have a conversation over a plate of food. Only one part of the process we use to get to know you is about numbers – three parts are about people – and sharing a meal allows us to share our respective stories and find out if there's a good fit. Only after can I then dig into the existing portfolio to see if it matches you, the person.

Over the course of my long career, I have honed my skills in working with clients who have particular traits and goals. Generally, my clients:

  • Have already attained wealth and a significant income
  • Seek a return of their principal as well as a return on their principal
  • Desire a return that’s typically free from Federal and, if practical, State income taxes

As we work together more closely and my clients continue to leverage my professional advice, I make sure they understand that these are the key behaviors of successful investors:

Many of my clients have trusted me and utilized my advice for multiple decades and, in some cases, I am fortunate to now count both their children and grandchildren as clients.


Get in touch with me today, and learn more about how successful investors use municipal bonds to achieve their goals.

Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. does not provide tax advice. Therefore, it is also important to consult with your tax professional for additional guidance tailored to your specific situation.