My Team

Sherry Tilson

Senior Registered Financial Client Associate • Connect on LinkedIn

Hello! My name is Sherry Tilson, and I fulfill the operations side of Dan LaMacchia's wealth management business. I have over 20 years of industry related experience and have been working with Dan since 2007. My responsibility is to be available for all aspects of client support and to utilize my training to provide an extraordinary and hassle-free experience. The relationship I develop with you is the most valuable part of that experience, and the most enjoyable part of my career.

My initial contact with you will be during your account opening. I will be the person that gathers the documents and assists you in their completion. I will also discuss any additional needs you might have such as monthly distributions or funding of other accounts. From there, I will take care of opening your account, processing your signed documents, and initiating the account transfer from your previous financial organization. I will follow your account transfer from beginning to end and notify you when the assets have arrived. When all is done, Dan will pick back up with the investment process.

My general role in your relationship with BFEC is to act as the main "problem solver" for any non-investment account issues and to handle all administrative and service requests such as beneficiary changes, withdrawal requests, and deposits. While I'm fully licensed to take your orders to buy or sell any investment security, you'll talk to Dan about investments and to me about administration and service.


David Lewis

Financial Client Associate -  Marketing

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." This quote by Robert Frost exemplifies how I arrived at Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. After graduating from The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business with a degree in marketing, I sought to make my mark in advertising. Lacking a background in graphic design, I found getting my foot in the door challenging. Undeterred, I received a degree in digital media production from Columbus State. While studying for my degree, I worked as an intern at a local tv station which led to a job in television after graduation. Due to the climate of declining viewers, I knew my time in television was not to last, so I began formulating my plan B. Ten years and one Emmy® award later, I said goodbye to television, and in January of 2019 joined Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. where I handle marketing for the Columbus office.

I was not born in Columbus, but I've spent most of my life here and consider myself a native Ohioan. I am an avid fan of the Blue Jackets and, of course, I bleed scarlet and gray.